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Leave the Well Being of Your Computer In Our Hands!

We offer Tech Support Services of great quality for your Home as well as Business. With us, the service is extremely prompt and hassle free. Make the best use of the cutting edge technology that we are offering. Get expert support for problems related to PCs, peripherals, networking, and much more.

Offered Services Include:


Your PC will be up and running like it used to when you just bought it, with our servicing.

Over time, old files on your hard drive and all the adding and removing of software, leave behind quite a mess. These factors reduce the efficiency of your computer, making it slow and extremely prone to getting stuck.

What we offer will ensure:

The Computer starts functioning like new: Tech experts speed up your computer by removing junk files, fixing Registry errors, defragmenting the hard disk, etc.

Proper and faster Booting and Shut Down: System tweaks will reduce your computer’s start-up and shutdown time and the applications will run better.

Optimized Performance: Our technicians will delete unwanted files and remove unnecessary background processes to get the best out of the hardware and software.

Updated Software and Drivers: Outdated/corrupted applications or drivers can slow down your computer. Let our technicians download the latest versions and update them for optimum performance.

Diagnosis and Repair

Comprehensive inspection and repair services are offered for your computers and connected devices such as printers, routers, MP3 players, and over 500 software applications.

In this we would:

Fix Software and Hardware Errors: Our experts will diagnose and troubleshoot both software and hardware errors on your PCs or servers to ensure smooth and fast performance.

Resolve Compatibility Issues: The experienced technicians will fix conflicts and compatibility issues by providing appropriate solutions with software applications or hardware running on your computer.

Reduce Computer Crashes: Our tech support will identify and fix issues causing your computer to crash often.

Elimination of Problems at the Root: Root cause identification through logical troubleshooting methodology helps eliminate problems completely and prevent their recurrence.

Set Up and Installations

Incorrect installation can cause damage to the computer and connected devices. Let our tech experts assist you and ensure a smooth and proper setup and installation process.

We Provide:

Setup and Installation Support: Be it setting up your PC, installing software, or configuring applications, our tech support services have got you covered.

Settings Customization: The technicians at Support Desk can customize the settings of your computer and software based on your preferences.

Pre-installation Compatibility Check: Before installing a program, our technicians will make sure that it’s compatible with your computer and other software.

Settings and Data Migration: Support Desk helps you migrate the settings and data while installing a new OS so that not a single file is lost.

Virus Removal

Stay protected from malware and online threats, always. Millions of viruses exploit security loopholes to access private information on computers and corrupt the software which further results in very poor performance of the computer. Our tech experts can minimize these risks and threats by optimizing the security software and removing viruses and spyware.

We perform the following tasks:

Setup and Install Antivirus: Our tech experts install and configure an antivirus appropriate for a system, for comprehensive security from malware and online threats.

Get Rid of Viruses and Spyware: The tech support removes viruses, spyware, and other malicious programs.

Scheduled Scans: We will schedule regular scans of your PCs and servers to automatically remove malware, so that you are always safe when online.

Hacking and Phishing Protection: Our technicians will optimize your security software for protection from hackers and attempts to steal your online identity.

Usability Training

When a software application is installed, there could be loads of features you might be unaware of or not completely understand and hence not know how to use them. This is where Support Desk can help you get started with product usability training and support.

We help you:

Learn How to Use the Software

Having difficulties using a newly installed program or software? Relax, just call us and our technicians will guide you with simple and easy to understand step-by-step instructions.

Familiarize Yourself With the UI: Support Desk will take you through the UI of your software so that nothing stops you from making the most of it.

Achieve Improved Productivity: Get to know how to use your applications in a better way and enhance your efficiency.


Get the help of our experts for your home or business network.

Whether you want to create a home network to share devices like printers and routers with your PCs or need assistance to manage your company's servers and computing devices, Support Desk has got you covered.

Setup and Install Antivirus: Our tech experts install and configure an antivirus appropriate for a system, for comprehensive security from malware and online threats.

Setup and Install Home Networks: Our technicians can install your router and configure its settings for Internet and printer sharing across computers.

Connect to the Internet: Whether you need assistance to access the Internet or customize browser settings, our technicians are always there to help you.

Troubleshoot Network Connectivity Issues: Don’t let network errors affect your work – whether at home or office.

Remote Network Monitoring: Our tech experts monitor your company’s network including servers and end computing devices to ensure the best performance.

Managed Services

Support Desk is offering big enterprise support for small and medium businesses, via its proprietary and proven Digital Service Cloud for managing the entire IT set up of a company. Our world class support structure for business is designed to keep IT running nonstop.

We Offer:

Complete IT Support: Be it troubleshooting server errors, updating the software, network performance monitoring or security assessment, you can rely on Support Desk for 24/7 tech support.

Plans Customized for Your Business: IT support requirements vary from company to company. We offer a range of customizable plans to suit each company’s needs.

Proactive Monitoring: Support Desk proactively monitors the network, servers, peripherals, voice platforms, etc. to efficiently take care of your IT management requirements

Minimize the Downtime: By offering proactive IT support, our technicians minimize the downtime, which reduces business costs and boosts profitability.

Call us for instant Tech Support Now.

Is your Computer Getting Hanged Frequently? Working Very Slowly?

We solve computer problems LIVE!

We offer technical assistance and support of great quality for the latest Gadgets. Learn as we successfully fix your PC and service it for better performance. At Support Desk, we are offering in home service through remote technology where you sit back and see how we address and solve all the problems of your computer. We repair all brands of Computers. We are dedicated to fixing any kind of PC Software issues.

Our experienced Engineers and Technicians ensure great services and the highest level of customer satisfaction. With Support Desk, there remains no need to unplug the computer and take it to a repair shop or call in an engineer to fix the problem. We resolve each and every problem of any computer and make it better equipped to function better and faster using our unique ability to remotely access your system. Be it a virus related issue or slow performance of the computer; we resolve everything at very reasonable rates.

We remotely access the system, identify and inspect the problem and provide solutions efficiently and promptly.

Just select the service that fits your needs and leave the rest to us.

World-Class Remote Assistance: No need for waiting! You get instant attention from a certified, expert technician. Call us toll-free. Or chat with us.

Comprehensive Support: We offer comprehensive support across platforms, across devices and applications.

24 Hours Service: We are always on hand, round-the-clock. Access great tech support from anywhere and at any time.

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